Initiated and organized by the New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA), NZIBES has transformed from an internal annual conference into one of the largest building and property annual events over the years. With the purpose of “COLLABORATE UP FOR SUCCESS”, NZIBES provides a unique and high-quality platform for New Zealand and Chinese building & property businesses and professionals to build connections and work together.


The New Zealand Chinese Building Industry Association (NZCBIA) is a non-profit professional organisation. The Association represents a wide range of businesses and professionals in the building industry in New Zealand as well as the Kiwi business and professionals that have close working relationship with the Chinese building industry. NZCBIA’s vision is to uplift prospects of New Zealand Building Industry, by improving the reputation and promoting good practice among the Chinese business and professional in the industry. Our mission is to provide a central information hub between the government, local authorities, building industry organization, and NZ Chinese building industry businesses and professionals.

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About Multimarketing

MultiMarketing is a boutique marketing agency with strong roots and business connections in both China and New Zealand. Since founded in 2009, It has helped many kiwi businesses connect with Chinese-speaking consumers both in NZ and in the offshore market with creative strategies and quality contents. Among MultiMarketing’s clients, many of whom are developers, building materials suppliers, contractors and project consulting services. With the joint publication with NZCBIA, MultiMarketing has an edge in B2B Communication in the building industry. As the co-organiser of the NZIBES, MultiMarketing is responsible for engaging event stakeholders, partners and customers, leading the offline and online marketing promotions of the event, and planning and coordinating PR activities, etc.

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About 3A

3A is an integrated business services centre by providing a full range of Digital Printing, Graphic Design, Events and Expo, Culture Sports and Media, Website Development and Signage services at a highly affordable price. Whatever you need we can do it and we can do it fast and well. As the co-organiser of the NZIBES, 3A is responsible for the on-site services and support, on-site print material design and productions.

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