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The United Nations indicated that transitioning to a net- zero world is one of the most significant challenges that we are facing.The construction industry is not an exception. According to the NZ Government Procurement, sustainable construction considers environmental impact, social responsibility, and economic.efficiency.

Achieving sustainable construction need efforts from all involved parties: designers, consultants, architects, urban planners and contractors at all project stages. 2023 NZIBES will connect the professionals, leading such changes and achieving the long-term goal.

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For two days only, our exhibitors will be showcasing industry-only offers and opportunities for attendees to take advantage of. 

EXPO 2023 focused on bringing together the very best organisations from across China and New Zealand. Our exhibitors will bring new ideas / new concepts / new products or services that we can utilise in NZ property and building industry.


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From start to finish, we help you make the most of your NZIBES participation. We’ll craft a bespoke package for your organisation to meet your objectives and make your brand stand-out in the crowd. From exhibitions space, merchandise, signage, we tailor commercial solutions to position your brand to engage with your desired audience.

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