2019 Award Winner Story: Rose Garden Stage 1 by CMP Construction

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KOHLER Construction and Project Management Award Winner:

Rose Garden Stage 1 by CMP Construction

The Rose Garden Apartments is situated on the western edge of the Albany Lakes across the bridge from Westfield Mall, close to the Albany Busway Station, QBE Stadium, and Albany Stadium Pool. 

The Developer / Client are NZ Rose Gardens Development Ltd, which was formed for this first project in NZ by large Chinese development/construction company; Nanjing Dadi Construction Group. The development comprises 100 separate shareholders.

CMP have completed Stage 1 ($90M), which consists of six separate seven-storey buildings around a large landscaped podium, plus a new 250m long shared-space road.  There are 201 apartments (up to four bedrooms) with balconies, 17 retail units, three offices, three live/work units, and 205 undercover carparks within two basement levels.

CMP worked together with the client and design consultants on a $15M Value Management process to get the project underway.  There were some significant design changes instigated, such as changing the pre-cast panel cladding to timber framing and Designer Series cladding (a laser-finished to replicate a concrete surface).

The project was built under a Fast Track process.  The structure was split into different consents, to keep the project moving along smoothly.  This required very close collaboration with the consultants and reactiveness from the CMP team as design changes unfolded.  CMP worked together with the Structural Engineers to incorporate AFS Logicwall (a permanent formwork system) for over 5,000m2 of walls in lieu of precast (which had supply difficulties).  At CMP's suggestion, the internal steel stud and first fix services were split out of the main architectural consent application, and the façade split into the six different buildings. This allowed the site to keep moving and keep the subcontractors locked into the project, even if it did mean there were 20 consents and 20 CCC applications to complete.

The project timeline was very complex due to difficulties with delays in consents, and changes to drawings and specification but CMP completed each separable portion of the project within the contractual completion date.

With all the challenges faced by the project due to the Fast Track construction it was very difficult to keep the budget under control, however the CMP team managed to keep the cost to complete right up-to-date to avoid any funding issues or surprises at the end of the project.

CMP had a dedicated H&S manager that worked closely with the team to ensure systems and a safe tidy site were upheld all the way through the project.  CMP received excellent feedback from Workplace NZ inspectors.

CMP achieved a very high standard of quality on the project thanks to an all-encompassing QA system on site with the aid of CONQA, a mobile phone-based QA software system. Council feedback from their QA audits was extremely complimentary, which helped considerably when applying for CCC. 

CMP set up a re-cycling area on site with separate bins for different re-cyclable materials.  We also used electric cranes to reduce pollution, and selected eco-friendly products where possible, such as eco-friendly insulation.

KOHLER卓越施工及项目管理奖旨在肯定在可持续发展性、做工、表面完工、经济和建筑效率,可持久性等方面保证了品质和新意的施工项目。参选项目中,CMP Construction建设的Rose Garden Stage 1脱颖而出,其在面临重重挑战的条件下依然保证按预算高效、及时的完成项目,从容拿下此项大奖,而N-Compass的Northbridge Retirement Village Stage 1以及LiveFirm Construction建设的Seascape Apartment Showroom则获得表彰奖项。

Rose Garden公寓位于Albany 湖边,地段无可挑剔,轻松漫步便至Westfield零售店及超市、电影院、餐厅及咖啡厅,靠近梅西大学、Albany Stadim Pool、网球中心等便利设施。项目由是新西兰Rose Gardens发展有限公司开发,由中国南京大地建设集团在在新西兰的第一个项目。项目由NZ Architects设计,由CMP Construction(NZ)负责建造。

目前,CMP建筑公司已经完成了第一阶段(约9000万新西兰元)的开发建设,包括6栋独立的7层建筑。项目共有201套公寓、17个零售商铺、及205个两层的地下停车场组成。一期建筑围绕一个大型的中庭景观,及一条250米长的公共绿化带,形成了一道独特亮丽的风景线。CMP 建筑公司与客户和设计团队紧密合作,制定了慎密的项目管理流程,使项目得以顺利实施。其中有一些重大的设计优化。例如把水泥预制板外墙改成木框架结构加上外挂板(一种免漆仿水泥饰面的外墙)。该项目是在快速通道过程下进行建设的。为了使工程的顺利进行,结构被分成不同的部分进行审批。这就需要建筑公司与顾问公司进行非常密切的合作,以及CMP团队在设计变更时的反应能力。由于在同意书审批方面的延迟以及图纸和规范的更改,整个项目时间表非常复杂,但 CMP 在顺利地在合同期内完成了全部的项目建设。另一方面,项目面临很多的挑战,预算也很难控制,但 CMP 团队设法运用优秀的管理系统,控制和避免项目出现任何资金问题或意外情况。