2019 Merit Award Winner Story: Northbridge Retirement Village Stage 1 by N-Compass

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KOHLER Construction and Project Management Meritorious Award Winner:

Northbridge Retirement Village Stage 1 by N-Compass

Northbridge Retirement Village consists of three separate apartment buildings completed across three stages. Stage one has recently been completed and included 31 apartments, basement car parking, internal pool, gym, theatre and day pavilion. Stage two and three are similar in design.

N-Compass were engaged as the Project Manager for Northbridge in March 2015 to project manage all three stages. The project involves the development of three new apartment buildings to replace existing buildings that were demolished to improve the existing village and facilities.

Stage one was constructed on vacant land and was a key milestone of the development as it allowed the existing residents to vacate the building. The stage one project was completed within budget. A staged handover was required due to extension of time claims through delays to the ground works.

Early in the construction phase N-Compass struggled to get buy-in from the contractor on reporting Health & Safety issues on site. However, through consistent inspections and instructions from N-Compass the Main Contractor realised that better on site management of Health & Safety provided a safer site. Near misses, cleanliness and reporting of issues improved, toolbox talks held daily and fortnightly reporting provided`. No lost time incidents occurred.

Stage two of the development is currently underway with stage three ready to start the tender process.

N-Compass在2015年3月受任成为该老龄公寓的的项目管理公司。项目分为三个阶段,涉及开发三栋新的公寓楼,并拆除现有建筑,旨在改善社区和设施。项目建设初期, N-Compass曾因现场承包商的健康安全问题而遇到困难。然而, 经过N-Compass的持续督查,这一问题得到了显著改进。N-Compass严格管理,每天都有举行工前安全会议、每两周举行一次的工地报告以及会议, 一期工程项目在预算范围内完成,如今项目已经顺利进行到第二阶段,三期项目正在招标。