2019 Merit Award Winner Story: Owner Master

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NZCBIA Innovation Meritorious Award Winner:

Owner Master

A market issue identified with a targeted set of users/stakeholders who can initiated the online project management tool.

This innovation targets a specific issue, particularly for inexperienced developers. The future development pathway for the product is clear and the product has had the benefit of revenue from various non-participant sources such as advertising and third parties. This product has the opportunity of being a core tool for the Chinese developer-construction eco-system.

Owner Master 是一个开放式房地产建筑服务平台。我们致力于服务建房业主以及项目管理团队, 为他们提供方便,精准,快捷的一站式买房,建房,卖房等服务。我们秉承以人为本,诚信立业的原则,为我们的客户带来最贴心,最优质的服务与体验。